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      The authors of the paintings that are presented on this site live in Moscow and its regions. We are ready to give an opportunity of seeing the works of the painters in their studios to those who are interested in buying the works. We would like to draw your attention to the attached permission for the export of the works, that are acquired in Russia. That permission is legalized by us.
Besides that we give services on meeting and seeing off our clients. Also we organize an excursion and sightseeing program, including four-hours survey excursion about Moscow and visiting the museums:
  • Moscow Kremlin
  • The Tretiakov Galery
  • Pushkin museum of fine arts
      We also provide an accompany while visiting vernisages and antique salons, where you can bye the works of Russian artists.
      The cost of the art-tour depends on the number of the members and duration of being in Moscow.
Welcome to Moscow.

      If you require further information, we would be most pleased to supply it.

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